Digital Advisory and Business Transformation

Digitalization of business model, sales and value-chain

  • Organizational Transformation and Change Management
  • Digital Enterprise:
    • Collaboration, Learning, Knowledge Management, etc.
  • Industry Experts:
    • Processes Efficiency
    • Product Development
    • Best Practices
  • Accentis Innovation Lab:
    • Business driven and agile digital transformation
  • Program and Project Management
  • Release and Test Management

Digital Overview

Digital engagement with customers and partners on all channels is not optional, and maintaining a website is not enough anymore.

But businesses that ensure their organization and processes are ready to meet new digital challenges, those that respond to their customers’ need for simplifed, cross-channel e-commerce and deeply integrated self-service processes, will turn the digital threat into advantages over their competitors.

Learning from digital pure players provides fundamental lessons and key insights that can be adopted to transform enterprises into digital leaders.

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Turning digital Threats into Strengths
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Learning how progressive organizations use mobile technologies for computing and communication helps enterprises to invent new markets with new business opportunities, improve sales and service quality, reduce support costs and improve internal communication and eliminate expense leaks.

Enterprises in which the C-level management understands the potential of the Digital Revolution and how to beneft from mobile computing and mobile communication are those that are likely to be most successful.

accentis helps your enterprise to set up a leading Enterprise Mobility Strategy which ensures your mobile success. We support our customers to invent leading-edge mobile computing and mobile communication solutions, both to reduce costs and to deliver growth.

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Welcome to the mobile World
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The Human Factor - The Key to Success

Highly complex international transformation projects are dependent on the people and the methods being utilized.

An optimal control and an effcient implementation of projects are widely determined by the agreed approach of the project team.

accentis provides the business consultants, transformation consultants and the IT-architects who know your specifc success factors. Over many years they have gathered a broad experience in international projects and can create a conceptual design of nationally and internationally harmonized systems architectures.

accentis offers you a completely new dimension of project implementation and control, all the way from the strategy and target defnition down to the tailored system transaction, using a concept which is based on methodologies for complex business transformation projects.

The integrated and pragmatic approach of the active transformation methodology accelerates the enterprise transformation remarkably. At the same time, it stands for a high consulting quality and a reduced budget in comparison to conventional project methodologies.

accentis guarantees a project transparency which you have never encountered before and the permanent traceability of project targets and controls. Consequent focus on project targets, combined with high professionalism in the project management, often enables the client to reach an amortization of the project cost during its run time.

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Business Transformation and Project management
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Active Transformation®

Active Transformation
The integration of strategy processes and implementation is a major challenge for all projects. Many projects fail in the face of this challenge, or don’t bring the expected results, because people from the strategic and implementation levels aren’t speaking the same language. With the Active Transformation® Methodology, complex transformation projects will be implemented effciently and successfully. Strategy development, process design and implementation will be parallelized; hence, overall project run times will be signifcantly reduced.

accentis operates with a stringent and proven methodology which covers and integrates all project levels and phases. This paves the way for a seamless transformation from strategy defnition to process modelling and concluding implementation.

Management Consulting

Companies today face an ever-changing landscape of global challenges, industry trends and internal challenges. The accentis business interaction service model helps you to anticipate industry trends to deliver the best strategic outcomes. accentis Management Consulting shows you the way to extend sales, reduce costs and improve your organization. Finding the right business model – the purest expression of how a company creates value – plays a great role in determining who wins and who loses in today’s economy.

Our business interaction service model supports you in anticipating industry trends and creating business models to solve internal tensions and respond to market opportunities.

We will show you the way to manage the challenges!

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Management Consulting Execute Excellence
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Omni Channel Customer Journey and Experience

Digitalization and integration of customer touch points

  • Transforming Business into E-Business
    • Strategy
    • E2E Concept
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Integration
  • Customer Loyalty and Sentiment
  • Program and Project Management
  • IT Development
  • Deep-End IT-and Process-Integration (E2E-Processes)

Customer Lifetime

Successful companies around the globe are aware of what’s at stake. They continuously invest in customer retention programs, as well as making themselves attractive to other consumers who are leaving their current providers in search of better service alternatives. Our experience shows that instead of acting, many clients are still “browsing the possibilities,” which goes hand in hand with consumer switching.

Some may be trying hard to capture some of those opportunities, but are focused mainly on “doing things better” which often means giving old procedures a face-lift.

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Customer Lifetime Management
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Customer Journey & Experience

Today’s digitally empowered customers are demanding satisfaction and interactive enjoyment during their online journey. They know that today’s technology enables improved service and they become frustrated when things don’t meet up to their expectations.

Traditional models for sales service are rapidly losing relevance for the “nonstop” customer, and companies have to invent new solutions for them.

Explosive growth in the number of connected devices and innovative mobile, web and social media applications have created a new, omnichannel environment that has changed the patterns of customers’ behavior and interaction. Almost overnight, technology has created a new type of consumer that accentis calls the “digital client”. The digital client neither shops for products nor seeks special services.

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Customer Journey and Experience
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Strategy Consulting

accentis Strategy operates at the interaction between business and technology. The continuously advancing Technology is transforming every organization and is challenging Customers to enable the right strategy to take benefits from new possibilities and opportunities. Whether it’s business strategy, technology strategy or operations strategy, we drive value, shape new businesses and design operating models for the future.

We will show you the way to manage the challenges!

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The value of strategic consulting
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Solutions for analytics and data handling

Insight driven business development and operations

  • Business Intelligence
    • Financial Reporting
    • Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • Real-Time and non-rt customer analytics to understand and anticipate customer needs
  • RT/non–RT Analytics as Input
    • 3D customer profiling
    • Churn preventions
    • Competitor Monitoring
    • Real-Time Marketing
    • Workforce Management
    • Infrastructure Mgmt.
    • Proactive Operations
    • Fraud Prevention
    • Security

Business Intelligence with SAP HANA

Reactive business model from the past do not support the today´s need of speed, agility and data trust. This lack of information leaves you in a reactive position, placing you at a competitive disadvantage and restraining your ability to take advantage of new opportunities quickly or roll-out new sales initiatives effectively.

accentis is specialized in defining a comprehensive busin